Andreas Heiszenberger — Perfect Moment (incl. Efdemin / Nass remixes) [brut! 02]

Vinyl / digital release

1. Andreas Heiszenberger — Perfect Moment (edit) (7:07)
2. Andreas Heiszenberger — Perfect Moment (Nass remix) (7:51)
3. Andreas Heiszenberger — Perfect Moment (Efdemin’s Crémant de Cramant mix) (7:35)
4. Andreas Heiszenberger — You Run (5:13)

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Here comes Andreas Heiszenberger (Ware/Normoton) with what seems like a requiem to a past love. The track is moody, twisted, dubby and full of intense ambivalent emotions, from love to hate and from pop to abstraction. Then comes Nass aka Geiger (Firm/Teile/Kindish) to give the original the treatment and what a treatment! Surely more effective than your post-depression counselor, Nass goes for a dub techno oddissey that will make Hardwax enthusiasts drop their prozac prescription.

On the flip side one of the men of the year, mr. Efdemin (Dial/Liebe*detail/Curle) comes with the definitive solution: go deep, then stand up and dance. Efdemin presents us with a work of love, an unmistaken hommage to the sound of berlin. To finalise, Andreas Heiszenberger goes for the traditional medicine to relieve any heartache: deep house with a nod to Lowtec, Theo Parrish and the Dial ensemble. A truly perfect moment…

Vinyl release date: October 31, 2007
Digital release date: November 13, 2007

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