Flip & Def Jaguar — This Sound (incl. Murat Tepeli / Joachim Spieth / Dubnoodles remixes) [brut! 03]

Vinyl / digital release

1. Def Jaguar & Flip — This Sound (6:11)
2. Def Jaguar & Flip — This Sound (Murat Tepeli’s What Time Is Love? remix) (6:37)
3. Def Jaguar & Flip — This Sound (Joachim Spieth remix) (6:34)
4. Def Jaguar & Flip — This Sound (Dubnoodles remix) (5:23)

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“This Sound“ is the sound of Def Jaguar (aka Djuma Soundsystem) and best mate Flip. You might remember the Djumas from last year’s “Les Djinns“ on Get Physical but this is a completely different story. “This Sound“ is pure catchy and sexy Pop-House at its best. It’s a flirt tool!
Berghain/PanoramaBar resident Murat Tepeli (Playhouse/Ostgut) follows with a properly crafted remix. Anyone said Chicago? Yes, House keeps our heart pumping. This is a DJ tool for the discerning selector.

On the flip side, the classy Joachim Spieth (Paso/Kompakt) is set to deliver…and he delivers, no doubt about it! He shifts the cosiness of the original towards deeper and hypnotic areas turning a House anthem into a Techno anthem!
To finalise the matter, Dubnoodles (Milnor modern/Rundlauf) pumps fresh energy into his remix with help from a fat bass spiced up with unexpected indie flavoured grooves!

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