Dubnoodles — Lemon Green [brut! 06]

Vinyl / digital release

1. Dubnoodles — My Elevator (6:44)
2. Dubnoodles — Remote (5:27)
3. Dubnoodles — Stella (5:11)
4. Dubnoodles — Coming Home (6:54)
5. Dubnoodles — 3 In A Box (6:19)

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We are pleased to welcome Dubnoodles whose previous releases on Milnor Modern and Rundlauf Musik certainly grabbed our attention. On this ocassion, Dubnoodles shows two different sides of his music:

The A side is funky as hell. Both tracks show highly elaborated grooves with a very pleasant shuffly jazz feel. A must for adepts of Frank Martiniq, Akufen, Treplec.., and for those who enjoy playful forward thinking grooves.

The B side really gives us the shivering. It unravels extremely emotional melodies, powerful strings and intense crescendos. Fans of Dial and neo Detroit will appreciate. All three tracks are a real blessing.

As usual, we tried to pack as much amazing music as possible in this release.


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