Taron-Trekka — Radio Fligg [brut! 10]

Vinyl / digital release

1. Taron-Trekka — Radio Fligg (7:32)
2. Taron-Trekka — Kopsallee (7:15)
3. Taron-Trekka — Sip ‘N Dis (10:08)

INFO: Discogs


brut! is proud to present a new release by in-house protegés Taron-Trekka. Since their last release on brut! the guys have created a bit of a stir with their celebrated Sark remix for Freund der Familie. Their last release on our brand new sub-label blues! was described by some friendly media as “the best Detroit school of the second generation in its third appearance” and “the finest killer funk”. We blush… 😛

This time, Taron-Trekka presents 3 tracks with their very own particular raw sound. “Radio Fligg” comes as a misty soundscape envolving a funky stabby Tech House track. “Kopsallee” is a low slung booty funk House track with a disco flavour, kinda back in the day with an unexpected twist. And “Sip ‘N Dis” is the cherry on the cake, so deep but so funky.. so Housey.

You know you want it… 😉

Played and supported by Brendon Moeller, SoulPhiction, Til Von Sein, Speedy J, Mathias Kaden, RNDM, Crowdpleaser, Joachim Spieth, Lump, Pawas, Franklin De Costa, Sweet ‘N Candy, St Plomb, Little Fritter…

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