St. Plomb — Escape Run [brut! 12]

Limited edition single sided vinyl / digital release

1. St. Plomb — Escape Run (8:48)
2. St. Plomb — Saturnic Night Access (9:09)

INFO: Discogs
REVIEWS: LittleWhiteEarbuds, de:Bug, Keep-It-Deep, ElectronicTaskForce
MEDIA: LittleWhiteEarbuds


After having it large with Sweetzerland’s Mental Groove, St. Plomb has remained apparently calm for the past few years. But don’t be mislead, St. Plomb better known to friends and family as Papa Sorcier (Daddy Wizard) hasn’t spent these years sunbathing and splashing in tanning lotion. Instead he’s been hiding in the studio, working on his tricks, refining his magic, distilling the purests and rawests forms of house to achieve the alchemy of the perfectly balanced track.

The concoction has worked and Brut! is proud to present the results: “Escape Run” and “Saturnic Night Access”. Serve pipping hot…

Supported by Philip Sherburne, Ripperton, Brendon Moeller, Dave DK, Taron-Trekka, Lump, Minz, Franklin de Costa, DeepChild, Crowdpleaser, Pawas, Basic Soul Unit, Beaner, Get The Curse, etc…

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