Lump — Back Alley Shuffle [blues! 02]

Limited edition clear vinyl / limited edition grey vinyl / digital release

1. Lump — Shoot Bob (5:55)
2. Lump — Back Alley Shuffle (6:56)

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Once again, Lump sticks to his guns and “brings you strangely funky tunes to make this world a better place“. But this time, it’s too late.. The world has gone sombre and our anti-hero walks the desolate streets. The femme fatale is there, right under the street lights. The gansgsters are all around. Bobby has been shot and all the junkies are surrounding the dealer in the back alley.

This is no house as you know it. This is harcore funk. It’s noir, it’s dirty, it’s risqué and dangerous.

Run, the cops are coming…

Vinyl release date: October 21, 2009
Digital release date: October 30, 2009

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