Dollar Mambo — Dark Tribe [brut! 16]

Free 24-bit FLAC digital release

1. Dollar Mambo — Dark Tribe (9:31)
2. Dollar Mambo — Groove Protection (5:44)


This is a long due release but also a farewell free one (24-bit FLAC for your listening pleasure). Have fun with it.

Special thanks go to Stéphane Perrinjaquet for his patience.

Hope you enjoyed the ride,
PD: This is a goodbye for now. I might come back..

Thanks a lot to:
Alexander Geiger, Alexander Müller, Andreas Heiszenberger, Andreas Kriester, Andreas Landesvatter, Arttu Snellman, Boris, Christian Flamm, Christian Syma, Christopher Egeberg, Daniel Müller-Sachs, Daso Franke, Jan Weber, Jens Kuhn, Jens Uwe Beyer, Joachim Spieth, Jörg Burger, Kane Dignum, Klaus Rakete, Kostas Tassopoulos, Lars Bjarno Jensen, Marcel Dettmann, Marco Niemerski, Marco Sartorelli, Martin Beume, Michael Siegle, Mikkas Skulstad, Mirko Hunger, Murat Tepeli, Pawas Gupta, Phillip Lauer, Phillip Sollmann, Stefan Betke, Stephan Lorenz, Stéphane Perrinjaquet, Vincent Kolb, Volker Pannes.

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