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Culturcide: Act Like The Rich @ From The Other Side Of The Pond / Light Contemporary (London)

Juan Sebastián Ramírez — Culturcide: Act Like The Rich (2005)


This video project was developed and put together by Elkin Calderon. 15 Colombian video artists who live abroad has come together to show their recent projects in an exhibition to be held at the gallery from the 14 – 20 November 2005.


Colombian video-artists abroad

FOSP gathers works by 16 young colombian video artists living abroad (all of them in first world countries). This survey shows the questioning of the medium in context, the developments and subjective search, proper to artists working in unknown frameworks and territories. Quite evident is the notion of background and origin; of identity; migration and exodus. Being foreign and coming from a country in turmoil such as Colombia with a heavy drugs and violence stigma acts as a ‘carte de visite’.*

This combination is complex when involving the question of origin and the use of video and the electronic image in the production of art; an artform determined by a technical mediation and the use of technological gadgets that weren’t ‘created’ to make art.

The works in FOSP exposes the conflicting situation of an art that absorbes and reuses elements from the entertainment industry.. (images, music and information taken from the internet, TV shows, video clips, etc). It gives new meaning and widens the scope of our perception of the established media. These works show relationships and direct commentaries towards a technological discourse and its artistic use. Video and its ‘clean’ image are used as records of daily events and performances; as well, the recorded images comes from new devices as such as mobile phones and digital photo cameras which pixelate and give new qualities to the images.

This screening also includes experimental pieces, hybrids between narrative, animation and audio as a vital experience of the work.

FOSP allows a dialogue between the creators, artists and all those interested in videoart in Colombia and abroad. It also widens the view of what Colombian artists are producing outside of their home country

Elkin Calderón


* The most televised image commonly associated and remembered of Colombia abroad is that of football player Andrés Escobar scoring an own-goal during the 1994 World Cup, and the absurd death he was victim of for such an ‘error’



List of videos:
1. Juan-Sebastián Ramírez. Culturcide: Act like the rich. [3:20] London 2005
2. Valerie Bugman. I want my kiss back. [9:40] Sweden 2005
3. Johana Marin. Gosha. [2:05] London 2005
4. Elkin Calderon & Wilson Diaz. Sandwich man [1:50], Trolley Tape [3:50] London 2005
5. Santiago Caicedo. Unit Search.[6:40]. New York 2004
6. Carolina Petro. Sound Glass. [8:40]
7. Carlos Franklin. De goinfrerie et beuverie.[7:20]. France 2005
8. Nicolas Villegas. Ese goteo insesante… [8:40] Canada-Colombia 2001-2003
9. Hector Mora. Immigrant Protector. [8:50]. Sweden 2005
10. Beatriz Lopez. Tiempos Mejores. [1:26]. Mexico-London 2003
11. Pilar Barrios. Ecosistema. [1:47]. Spain 2005
12. Maria Linares. Interviewing Trilogy. [11:10]. Berlin 2004
13. Andrea Riviere. Zzzzz. [1:10]. London 2004
14. Adriana Garcia. Je veux Etre. [4:04]. Paris 2004

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Culturcide: Tacky Souvenirs – The Lost Tapes (2005)

Juan Sebastián Ramírez — Culturcide: Michael (2005)

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